• Conference in Lublin

    Dr Zuzanna Bogumił is presenting a paper entitled Muzea historyczne w kryptach kościelnych – sakralizacja historii czy uhistorycznienie sacrum? during the conference Muzea w kulturze współczesnej – wyzwania, możliwości zagrożenia, which will take place 22 and 23 of May 2014 in Lublin (Poland).


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New Russian Martyrdom

  • Butovo. The "Russian Golgotha"
    Butovo. The "Russian Golgotha"
  • Butovo. Fragment of the exhibition
    Butovo. Fragment of the exhibition
  • Yekaterinburg. The Church on Blood
    Yekaterinburg. The Church on Blood

Dr Zuzanna Bogumił together with Dr Marta Łukaszewicz from the Institute of Russian Studies, Warsaw University is carrying out the project: Novomuchenichestvo – the Orthodox Interpretation of the experience of Soviet Repressions, sponsored by the Polish National Science Centre, no N116 696040 (2011-2016).

This project assumes the description of the genealogy of the Orthodox discourse of new martyrdom and the characteristics of its significant elements. In particular, the project intends to analyse the cultural and social meanings imparted on the current “memorial sites” of new martyrdom, such as holidays, significant biographies of new saints and, above all, the sites of the cult of new martyrs (Butovo, Yekaterinburg, Katyn). Since new martyrdom in Russia has a broad reach and impact that is unprecedented in other Eastern European countries, such an analysis provides a clearer picture of the problem of imparting religious dimension to the 20th-century experience of communism. Therefore, the project constitutes an important contribution to studies on significance of milieux de mémoire in Central and Eastern Europe.